Our value proposition

Software development has become easier, and more difficult, at the same time. Easier as a result of ever improving development platforms and environments, and hardware, that have dramatically reduced the lines of code required to accomplish a certain task. Yet more difficult due to the increased complexity and sophistication of the technical and business environment within which the piece of code operates.

As (Internet) time gets faster and pace of changes increases, software projects are under ever more pressure from tighter budget, shorter schedule (or time-to-market), and more demanding and fluid features - to better able to response to rapidly-changing business requirements.

Today, in addition to in-depth programming languages knowledge, a good software developer requires know-how of server system, client system, networking, security, numerous object-models, etc. to be able to develop software that satisfies also security, performance, and maintainability requirements, above the minimum functional requirements.

Our years of experience and continued learning position the team to architect and deliver software solutions that adopt a systems-thinking view, taking into consideration business, technical, and operational requirements to provide maximum quality and leverage.