"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, 
and I shall move the world."

-- Archimedes 

Welcome to w3engines.
Where we leverages IT (information technology) and software solutions to move businesses.

w·3 [w-3]
1. win-win-win - for our clients, our partners, and ourselves
2. primer of the world wide web

en·gine [en-juhn]
1. an agent, instrument, or means of accomplishment, used to achieve a purpose
2. a skill, clever device, or instrument (cognate to 'ingenuity')
3. a piece of hardware that encapsulates some function but can't be used without some kind of front end
4. an analogous piece of software; notionally, one that does a lot of 'noisy' crunching

lev·er·age [lev-er-ij, lee-ver-]
1. the mechanical busniess advantage or power gained by using a lever IT
2. the increased force resulting from the action of a lever IT
3. increased means of accomplishing some purpose
4. strategic advantage; power to act effectively
5. to improve or enhance

We welcome you to talk to us about how to use IT, or better use IT, and not used by IT, in your business, any business.